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Solar Photovoltaic Power Generation

The MBTA seeks to promote the development of renewable energy including solar photovoltaic facilities on its property for its own use. As the largest electricity consumer in Massachusetts, the MBTA has focused on the development of a systemwide approach to implement energy efficiency programs with a goal of clean renewable energy development on its large real estate holdings.

As part of this effort, the Authority is embarking on a series of renewable energy projects with the current focus on the development of solar photovoltaic arrays. The MBTA has identified two additional Massachusetts properties that are currently in planning stages in furtherance of this effort:

  • Boston Engine Terminal Roof in Somerville
  • Iron Horse Park parcels in Billerica

When these sites are publicly offered, it is the MBTA’s intent to enter into Power Purchase Agreements and licenses on each property for the development, operation and generation of solar electricity for use by the MBTA.

For more information on the status of these future offerings, please contact us here.