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Transit Oriented Development

The  in TOD

Transit-oriented development (TOD) is compact, walkable development at or near transit stations, generally including a mix of uses such as housing, shopping, employment, and recreational facilities.

TOD represents an opportunity for communities throughout Massachusetts to enhance their quality of life by turning parking lots and underutilized land near public transportation into vibrant mixed-use districts, diverse housing, and attractive entertainment venues.

The MBTA is a leader in promoting and facilitating TOD through parcel sales, air rights, ground leases, access easements, utility connections, rails-to-trails and support for private development. These projects allow for significant economic development and housing growth including over 10 million square feet of development and 5,000+ units of housing. The MBTA has sold or leased right for over 50 TOD projects within the past 10 years.

TOD provides benefits to both the MBTA and state and local communities. Advantages to the MBTA include increased revenue, increased ridership and infrastructure and asset improvements. The Commonwealth and local communities benefit from TOD projects through improved walking and biking connections to public transportation, an increased supply of housing and affordable housing, economic development/job creation, tax revenue and environmental benefits such as improved air quality and reduced energy consumption.

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