Disposition and Bid Process

Greystone handles most of the MBTA’s dispositions of public property and assets such as sales of surplus land, leases of commercial and concession space and licenses for ATM and vending facilities in stations and employee areas. To serve the MBTA effectively in this capacity, Greystone has developed a consistent and streamlined process for agency approvals and public bidding.

MBTA Disposition Approval

Requests to purchase or lease MBTA property requires departmental review and approval, which can take 30-45 days.

Bid Process

Most of these dispositions require a public process that is transparent and demonstrates protection of public money and assets. These public processes typically involve a number of steps that include:

This process may take 4-6 months for simple dispositions from the public announcement through closing. More complicated offerings may require extensive site investigations and other buyer due diligence, which may take 6-9 months. Dispositions involving new development may also include time for permitting, possibly extending the process.