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Pushcart Program

Obtaining a license to operate a pushcart on MBTA property is available by application only.
Interested parties should follow the steps below.

NOTE: Completing an application does not guarantee that you will receive/be approved for a pushcart location.

  1. Complete the Pushcart Program Application.
  2. Complete the Access Privilege Application. Please note that this application will need to be completed for each proposed employee.
  3. Mail all applications to the below address or submit to
  4. Greystone will review your application and you will be notified if you are approved.

Mail applications to:
Attn: Pushcart Program
20 Park Plaza
Suite 1120
Boston, MA 02116


All agreements must obtain insurance that is equal to or greater than the following MBTA insurance requirement threshold amounts:

Commercial General LiabilityThreshold
Personal Injury, bodily injury and property damageNot less than one million dollars ($1,000,000)
Worker’s Compensation
Not less than those required by the Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 152, as amended.

Insurance certificates must note the MBTA and all applicable railroad companies as additional insureds. Certificates will not be accepted if the thresholds do not meet the MBTA required threshold amounts and/or the MBTA and applicable railroad companies are not listed as additional insureds.

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