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Alternative Transportation Corridors

Alternative Transportation Corridors (ATCs) are the end products of rehabilitation partnerships between the MBTA and Massachusetts communities, municipalities and nonprofit organizations. Through this initiative, the MBTA donates unused rights of way for use as pedestrian and/or bike paths to participating entities either by deed, long-term lease or license. The beneficiaries gain rights to the land at low or no cost and, in return, maintain and preserve these corridors for vehicle-free transportation.

The MBTA “Rails to Trails” initiative rehabilitates abandoned, overgrown rail corridors for new use as community paths and trails that encourage environmental sustainability and healthy practices. The corridors that once connected neighborhoods and towns through rail service now provide residents with a car-free transportation alternative and an opportunity for exercising and spending time outdoors.

As one of the largest landowners in Massachusetts, the MBTA is a leader in facilitating the creation of ATCs, turning underutilized land into productive community spaces and creating a unique network between Massachusetts cities and towns.

MBTA ATC Projects